Sunday, 9 October 2011

Stage 4 of painting

Having really enjoyed painting this piece I feel I am not ready to come to its conclusion and have decided to expand it by means of creating a Polyptych.
Whilst simultaneously researching into truth in art as part of my dissertation (titled using the quintessential self- referential paradox I Always Lie) domains of authority, frame as paregon, and its internal and/or external limits are brought into play.

Paris 2011

Thursday, 6 October 2011

Stage 3 of painting

Continuing to work into the surface, using gloss as pictured above (which eventually dries clear.) Gloss appears to intensify the colours and create depth.

Here the gloss has dried overnight, and I continue to scumble over the surface with dry paint, and then glaze over areas using diluted washes of colour. The reflective quality of the surface has not really been captured in this photograph, so below are some more images of how the painting looks when movement and light comes into play.


Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Stage 2 of painting

Keeping my palette relatively constricted and using my knowledge of the theory of simultaneous contrast and complementary colours I am continuing to work into this piece introducing wax medium and varnish.

I'm hoping to have fun and blast expression within the underlying grounds, and slowly with each successive layer reign in the energy to one conclusive je ne sais quoi.

Sunday, 2 October 2011

Stage 1 of painting

When producing a painting, I prefer to approach it loosely with an idea or visual incomplete. Of course I am sympathetic to my interests, and whatever I am reading or inspired by at that time will be reflected as a consequence, however, I paint to exercise these ideas and develop them into things I would never have envisaged, be it a result of aleatoric properties of the materials, narrative and/or concept.

This is one of the reasons I often reuse old canvases and paint over existing works. The dissemination of surface allows for me to play around and investigate the phenomenological qualities of colour and texture. This canvas in particular I have had for over 4 years and have finally decided to paint over a work I produced on my foundation year all those years ago.

I have no idea where this painting will end, but I take its point of departure from an interest in sensuality and The Sublime.