Tuesday, 24 May 2011

George Bataille's The Absence of Myth: Writings on Surrealism

 ‘In fact no one doubts that the surrealist religion embodies the elementary condition for religious success... here gains a false liberty and has no difficulty portraying virile men, who are only shadows, and in consequence complacently confounds his life with a shadow...'
I disagree with Bataille’s avowal, in which he expresses the irony of a controlled and contrived freedom whose limits are set by the artist within Surrealism.

Within my recent practice, I consciously allude towards aleatoric narratives to allow Personalism and Objective Idealism. Concretion and precincts are what I strive against.

Yes, to a certain extent the artist has made a choice which can suggest atmosphere and tone, but I like to think of the image as a membrane, rather than a ground. Freedom, after all, is groundless and any limits in discussion are synchronized by the spectator.

Bataille's reference to shadows resurrects Plato's Cave, and of course brings into question truth, illusion, reality, actuality and myth...all things I am researching for my dissertation!

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