Thursday, 24 February 2011

A Subjective Objective

A characteristic of my recent practice alludes to an aleatoric narrative. I believe it is the spectator’s personal perception projected, which injects life within the work and determines its intention; A Subjective Objective.
The spectators sensitivity, fused with my personal myth, to generate a personal experience;  They have engaged with and absorbed part of my reality, and consequently it bleeds through their mentality.
Jean Painlevé one of my favourite Surrealist Film makers. His work embodies a “magic” realism with poetic imagination- so I completely identify with this truth of magic, as opposed to its “fiction”.  I don’t believe in fiction, I believe in what I believe, and  recognize Painlevé’s statement, ‘Science is Fiction’, as a self-condemned paradox created by our own pragmatic ontological hierarchy of definition.

The musical accompaniment within the work creates this sense of narrative, which adds to this all encompassing absorption and amalgamation of colour, form and movement in space.

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