Thursday, 24 February 2011

...And in more recent news, I have now joined Lazy Gramaphone's collective thanks to the fabulous Philip Levine and his bejewelled head! (He is to have an exhibition of the many faces of his head as it were, which I'm eagerly awaiting!)

Click the link below to see my work, and others' at Lazy Gramaphone:

A Subjective Objective

A characteristic of my recent practice alludes to an aleatoric narrative. I believe it is the spectator’s personal perception projected, which injects life within the work and determines its intention; A Subjective Objective.
The spectators sensitivity, fused with my personal myth, to generate a personal experience;  They have engaged with and absorbed part of my reality, and consequently it bleeds through their mentality.
Jean Painlev√© one of my favourite Surrealist Film makers. His work embodies a “magic” realism with poetic imagination- so I completely identify with this truth of magic, as opposed to its “fiction”.  I don’t believe in fiction, I believe in what I believe, and  recognize Painlev√©’s statement, ‘Science is Fiction’, as a self-condemned paradox created by our own pragmatic ontological hierarchy of definition.

The musical accompaniment within the work creates this sense of narrative, which adds to this all encompassing absorption and amalgamation of colour, form and movement in space.

Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Le Dessin de Vie

A few example of some sketches I have done during my life drawing sessions at des Beaux Arts. Personally, I believe life drawing is crucial and paramount in an artist's practice, even if one's work does not embody the human body. It is an essential exercise in reading, and evaluating; To siphon an elixer of being and let it be absorbed within the work.

Monday, 14 February 2011

 The nicest present I have ever recieved was a plank of wood found in a skip with the words "I Hate You" spray painted on it. Swooon. Happy Valentine's Day.

Presence Through Absence

What is a portrait? Can we ever truly represent the person on canvas?

Another eternal return, and more self-imposed definitions! For me a portrait, or a landscape, is not defined by their subject matter; I see as much portraiture in hands, anatomy in trees and horizon in silhouette.
A portrait is not merely a face of a person, it is their heart. Not to say that figurative work cannot be considered a portrait, but I often find it is the more aleatoral works which produce a closer likeness to the model internally ,rather than a facade of representation.
Memory, Choice and Control are qualities I exert when painting a portrait....which further intrigues me to question whether I am painting an accurate or truthful image of the model, as memory can be selective, choice is contrived, and control is manipulated.
Is a portrait extracted from the model, to become an entity in itself ?
Is a portrait a phantom of the original?
We attempt to translate entities into other realms, such as portraiture into a visual language. Lest we forget, just as when deciphering French to English, words and their sentiments can often become mistranslated, changing their intent and content.
I prefer to think of portraiture as an essence, which can exist within everything, whilst being nothing.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Art as Osmosis

Art is Illusion. Art is Truth.

A Human fundamentalist urge to purge the inscrutable and replace with the intelligible;  An eternal endeavour to define Art.
So desirable the phantom of this synthesis that there is movement afoot to create one, even if it does not exist. Rothko.
I am not one for definitions, and I strive to embrace the mysterious recesses of a groundless ground. So rather than question What is Art, I prefer to think of Art as Osmosis.
Reality’s membrane, whereby an Osmosis of consciousness permeates, with the Nucleus achieved and destined by the spectator.